30 January 2009

Pix'ish Play

Here's a poem I wrote one day last summer when I was bored. I think that particular day, my best ten-year old friend Sophia and I had been seriously discussing what we would do if we ever saw the pixies that live in her backyard. Feel free to leave feedback, but please don't judge too harshly. This is, quite literally, the very first rough, untweaked version. :-D

Deep amid the twilight glowing
Tiny pixie eyes are showing
And between the darkest leaves
Slip and slide immortal thieves.
Yet never laid my mortal eyes
Upon these tiny, naked spies.

Hither as the wind blows free
Glinting pixies jump and flee
Where my larger eyes can't follow
To the magic pixie hollow,
And behind them, to and fro'
Grassy tendrils gently blow.

There, these pixies choose to dance -
They swirl in circles, leap and prance
Till black leaves are all awhirling
And dark blades of grass are swirling.
Then by evening's fading light
The hollow drifts to shades of night.

Then if pixies chance to doze
And if their eyes should ever close
If around the little hill
Every noise were very still
Could I, yes, against their will,
See them sleeping, sleeping still?

If in the stillness of the night
My lucky eyes should chance to light
Upon this dainty pixie sight
And widen in surprised delight -
Would they hasten from their slumber?
Would they quit their dreams, I wonder?

Or in the early purple dawn
Would they awake with careful yawn
And sing to morning's glist'ning dew
Until the sun's first rays peek through
To touch the world where pixies dwell
In hidden lands we love so well?

Will they begin a whole new day
To spend in pix'ish, idle play
In making mischief, morn till dusk,
Till daylight turns to evening's rust?
I wonder now if perchance you
Believe in pixies? I do too!

Lol...so yeah...the meter is somewhat bad, and it's kind of dorky, but kind of fun at the same time. :-P Let me know what you think.


That girl in Switzerland


  1. I remember reading a pixie poem of yours once before, but in that one you speculated on what kind of snack they would make... Am I right?

  2. LOL...trust you to remember that one...yep, it was as follows...

    All about on silken wings
    Flutter tiny fairy things.
    To and fro' they flit around
    Making tiny fairy sounds.
    Lovely fairies, blue and pink,
    And I cannot help but think
    That these creepy little beasts
    Would make a tasty mid-May feast.


  3. You know with the meter of this poem in can be read in that gothic way that they always do the Raven, all you need to do is add a little "quoth the raven, nevermore" type line (would that be a coda, some vague memory of English class wants me to call it a coda) after every few stanzas. It adds a wonderful element to this poem (which is very cute, by the way).
    Also I like your little playlist thingy on the side
    Cheers, Varina

  4. I like it. The last few stanza are rough, but most of it is great. I may have to get your permission to put it in a book some say. (don't worry you'll get full credit and we'll discuss fees later ;)

  5. Darlin'...when and if this poem is published...it's gonna be in my own book, thank you very much. :-P Well, actually, if you're gonna pay me...

  6. I'm thinkin' pixies are kinda girly...

    Let's see something about trolls.

    Lol. Jk.

    *Ahem* Wioux, Wioux. ;)

  7. lol, dwayne...tell isaac to write one about trolls. It could start out like this:

    big trolls.
    huge, nasty, big trolls.
    trolls that smell -
    smell bad -
    trolls and ogres.
    ogres and trolls...

    and so on...

    hehe...I liked his poem about mud, btw. I'm not making fun of it. Promise. Promise and cross my heart. Cross my heart and hope to die.