18 January 2009

Conversational Play-Doh

Transcript from a conversation with Felix this morning. We were playing with Play-Doh. The whole conversation was thoroughly serious. (Keep in mind that Felix's first language is French.)

F: Heather, you know my friend Arnaud?? He one time eat some play-doh and some more one time he eat some paper.

H: Did he get sick?

F: No. You know why, Heather?

H: Why, Felix?

F: Because he's a robot. He is mechanical.

H: Cool! How do you know he's a robot?

F: 'Cause he tell me.

H: Neato! But...he told you.

F: What?

H: He told you.

F: Yes, he tell me. You want me to make you a pizza?

H: Of course, but only if it's purple.

F: Ok! And you can make the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple pizza eater.

H: (laughter) Felix, he ate people!

F: What?

H: It was a purple people eater.

F: No, it eats pizza like the kung fu chickens.

H: ...ok.

Hence...our one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple pizza eater...his rock 'n' roll band...and a kung fu chicken (because apparently - little-known fact - they also like short shorts...and what chicken wouldn't, with legs like that?).

Children are wonderful.
That girl in Switzerland


  1. I love it Heather!!! Lol... made me laugh. Children come up with the greatest things!! And they're always so serious about them too....lol. :)

  2. Ah! How fun! Was the conversations originally in English? Or some other language? :p

  3. Someone has some mad Play-doh skills!

  4. play-doh does not taste good. Trust me on this one Arnaud.

  5. lol...my boys are awesome...they're always coming up with stuff like this! :-P

    The conversation was originally in English. My French has not yet progressed to the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eating level as of yet. Soon, hopefully. Kung fu chickens, however...poulets des kung fun, maybe??? hmm...should look that one up...

    As for the actually playdoh involved - no, it does not taste good, and yes, we have mad skills with it. :-P

    Thank you for your comments. <3

  6. Um, ya... so when I play with play-doh it does NOT look like that...
    for real.
    Someone has mad play-doh skillz...

  7. Great conversation. I laughed. :)

    And yes, you guys have way cool play-doh skills.