04 January 2009

In Quiet Imitation of Dickinson:

By way of explanation, I began writing a response to a Tennyson poem I was reading on the bus on my way back from church tonight (yes, yes, I know...who reads Tennyson on the bus? Even reading Tennyson on the train would be more sophisticated. Please feel free to leave mocking remarks). A few lines in, I realized that with little or no effort, I could make it look like a passable Emily Dickinson poem - so I revised and five minutes later, had three decent verses in front of me. To be fair, a more successful imitation of Emily Dickinson's poetry might have more dashes and better metaphors :-) ...but I work with whatever pops into my head at the time, so take it or leave it.

What sadness, oh my lonely Sweet,
Hath filled this blighted breast,
And how this heart hath yearned in vain
For quiet, more gentle rest.

But only hurt, and deeper hurt,
Can Empathy portray;
And only Time - with outstretched arms -
Can ice-cold pain allay.

But what a silent agony
And what a silent part -
Is there - the quiet misery
That quells the human heart.

How do you use your time on the bus?
That girl in Switzerland


  1. Unfortunately, I don't have time on the bus. Thus...no imitations of Dickinson. =) Love the blog. Reading you makes me smile. Blessings!

  2. So, I definitely have never used time on the bus so profitably. You're right, too few dashes. Just kidding. I counted five. Pretty decent. PS. I just got a Rosemary Clooney cd. It made me think of riding in your car singing "Come on-a my house."

  3. Only you and Nichole use your minds for this sort of thing when riding on a bus. You are two "peas in a pod". :)

    I think riding on buses would be a fabulous essay! You should write it...

  4. Yay! Ms. V (note it) finally commented on my blog...I could just stop blogging altogether now with the knowledge that my blogging experience was not in vain. :-P

    Mel...I really hate to correct you, but the English major bit of me must point out that there are actually only four dashes...one that you counted is technically a hyphen. LOL And Rosemary Cloony!! J'adore Rosemary Cloony!!

    And Tiff..."On Riding in Buses"...that sounds very Chesterton. lol...maybe I'll write it and surprise you. What could be the more hidden meaning of an essay called that?? hmmm...

  5. I usually spend my time the bus. observing people, blogging and writting essays in my head, and reading. But I have ot be careful, more than once I've missed my stop.