11 January 2009

Fanny Ribbon, in Duplicate.

Since my stock downstairs had been recently depleted, I found it necessary to raid Charlotte's toilet paper stash this morning. To my delight, she had bought a new kind...one that I had never seen before but that I found quite amusing when I also...er...found a reason...to use it. (I am not normally delighted by toilet paper...it's mostly one of those overlooked blessings...but do read on...)

Rolling the first bit off, I noticed its apparent strength and durability. My goodness, I thought to myself, just how thick is this stuff? (You can see that my thoughts are often not as impressive as my words.) So, being of the curious nature that I am, I proceeded to take the square of toilet paper apart. SIX LAYERS. Six beautiful layers of glorious soft whiteness. And each layer as thick as a normal bit of the stuff should be. I looked at the edge of the roll - every layer was perfectly visible, as we all know is not the normal status of layers of toilet paper. Is it not natural that one should wonder which will be the last square of toilet paper? This is why we begin to conserve as the roll shrinks - because we never know when our bounty will run out. It has always been a natural mystery of the known universe. But not anymore.

What was my first thought?? I've gotta blog this! I told you I think about blogging way too much.

Nobody needs six layers. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "quilted toilet paper." One square, and you're totally finished. You could diaper a baby with it, or even an adult. Do they sell this stuff in the States?

Six layers. When I was growing up (and even after I started buying it for my own place), I was doing good to get two or three. Who cares about layers...buy the cheap stuff. I thank God we don't still use various foliage. And six layers can't really be good for the pipes, now can it?

But six layers. Ahhhh...

Seriously Amused,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. LOL! That is totally something I would blog about! Good to find your blog and read about your grand toilet paper exploits. Wipage with one square... amazing.

  2. Im glad that they make 6 layered TP in switzerland as well as 6 layered cakes...

    miss you!
    come back!!!