25 February 2010

Now and Then

My hair is longer than it used to be,
And my eyes greener.
My head doesn't ring with your sorrows now,
And my pillow is more welcoming with
Each passing night.
I listen to more music than I used to -
And I sing louder.
I cry harder now too,
Because the experience of you taught me
To allow my grief.
Yesterday, I danced in the wind
And told my heart to the rain.
Is it not better, I ask you,
To embrace your unknown destiny
Than to be given what you thought you wanted?
Strange -
Once, I would have given you everything.
But isn't it funny -
Now my eyes are greener than they used to be,
And my hair is longer.

With regard,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. You need to get your poetry published.
    At least, I really like it.

  2. I told you your eyes would turn green again

  3. It's just crap poetry. Takes thirty seconds to write, and five more to forget I wrote it. I'm not sure it's good enough to publish. Nobody would read it except people who know me, and they'd be bored to tears. Except you, Mel. :-D And for that, I love you.