10 March 2010

He Always Makes Me Laugh

Mum sent me a delightful package for my birthday. Here is a conversation that I had with Félix about said box, in which he schooled me on how to handle a difficult situation:

Heather: "I might get a package today!!!!"

Félix: "From who?"

H: "From my mum!!"

F: "What's in the package, Heather?"

H: "Birthday presents for ME!!"

F: "But when is your birthday, Heather?"

H: "Next Monday."

F: "You know, Heather, that if you get a package today, and if it's for your birthday, you have to wait until your birthday to open it."

H: "But...Buuut..."

F: "NO, HEATHER, it's true!! If it's not your birthday, you can NOT open the package!"

H (with beguiling eyes): "But what if my mum sent you some American candy and it's in the package?? Then can I open it??"

Félix paused to consider the difficult question that had been posed. Should he choose the high ground and wait until Monday, or should he give in??

F: "Well, ok, if there's candy for me, you can open the box."

H: "But then I might see my birthday presents...and what if there is no candy for you?"

F: "So you look at the things in your box, and if there's nothing for me, you put all the things back until your birthday, ok?"

H: "What?? WHAT????"

My box did arrive. And Félix still insists that I can't open it. What he doesn't know is that I already did. :-D

Félix is just the best!

That girl in Switzerland

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