08 November 2009

To Those People Windsurfing on Lake Geneva in November

I should have thought that
The now-perpetually snow-covered
Mountain peaks, or the
Glistening orange and red horizon
Below them, or even the
Very chill in the November air
Would have clued you in.
Shouldn't you be waiting for spring again -
Polishing your boards,
Buying new sails,
Storing away wet suits,
And then anticipating warmer winds?
Now it's time to exchange scenery -
To move to the brilliantly white slopes,
To the boards that need no sails,
To the glaring sunlight that bounces
Off of goggles and ski poles,
To the winter hats and scarves and gloves.
What drives you to the less-forgiving,
Shockingly cold, breath depriving
November water of Lake Geneva?
Is it merely the enticing wind and waves,
Or is it also the needing to know you're alive?

That girl in Switzerland


  1. If you publish a book of poems, I'll so buy it. I love this one.

  2. Thanks, daahling. :-D Am still trying to fix one little thing...it bothers me that I used the word "spring" twice within six lines in this poem. As for the book...you know I'd so give you a copy...even autograph it for you. :-D

  3. Oooh, can't wait. It would be any even cooler if you wrote a poem to commemorate our next-door-neighbor memories. :) Just a suggestion.

  4. Lol...I'll get right to work on that. Is it ok if I refer to you as "poppet" in this poem??