18 November 2009

Perspective + Some Autumn Crafts

This morning, whilst feeling musical, I turned on some Charlotte Church music on my ipod and began singing loudly. My Charlotte Church imitation is nothing to be sneezed at. Jules and I were doing some craft projects at the time. So after a few songs, I asked Jules if he liked my singing.

"Yes," he said, "but you know what? If you keep singing really high and a bird comes, he's going to get bigger and bigger and EXPLODE!"

I'm assuming he's seen "Shrek" recently, but his comment was no ego boost, let me tell ya.

Here are some pictures from today:

Jules's depiction of the neighborhood's animals...He's not much of a drawer, but he does try. There are our two dogs, Jenny (blue) and Teacake (large brown), and also two more dogs, Bo (larger black) and Filly (small brown), and also a cat, Raffy (very small black):

Our spiders ("art" for boys...hah):

Jules making designs with those little plastic pieces (no clue what they're called):

Jules with our scary spiders:

Being crazy:

Jules being...well...Jules:

Moi (photo courtesy of Jules):

That girl in Switzerland

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  1. I colored a highly impressive picture of the Jonas brothers today. You would love it. I made one blond.

    Lovely crafts, I would love to hear your Charlotte Church impression,

    and you need to check out this artist's little blog series, cause they're dope: