10 November 2009

Five Minute Rhyme

Today was a big day -
Was a lot to be done.
I made a huge list
And accomplished a ton.
I wired some money
And went to the Poste,
I managed three children,
And cooked artichokes.
I studied for French class
Until my brain ached,
Then took a short break
Down by the lake.
I walked two big dogs
That needed to GO!
They walked quite quickly;
I walked quite slow.
I traveled three hours
To Nyon and back,
And studied my Bible
To pick up my slack.
Had coffee at leisure
(It's never a rush),
Said hi to a friendly
Old man on the bus.
Of things needing done,
I think I did most,
But writing a poem...
This project's burnt toast.
Tomorrow I might write
Something quite new,
Something inspired
That impresses you.
But now I'm so tired,
I'm going to bed
'Cause more of my brain cells
Are obviously dead.

(...must have been the coffee...)

That girl in Switzerland


  1. Fun! I'm so not blessed with the talent to write a poem in 5 minutes!!

  2. "What charming Suessical rhythms." (I half closed my eyes and stroked my chin as I said that... looking altogether elitist and scholarly)

  3. Ah, Alanna, it's more of a curse when you can't stop your head from rhyming everything for hours on end. I'm like the guy in Princess Bride who makes rhymes out of everything, much to the annoyance of his partners... :-P

    Mel - "Seussical"...that's exactly what Ms. V said...Hmm...maybe I'll be the next Dr. Seuss...(And you're very good at the elitist and scholarly act. Yes, quite good, at least if you can stop your eyes from twinkling.)

  4. Let she who is without twinkle cast the first stone!

  5. Anybody got a peanut?

    Hey, do you mind if I do some illustrations of this? I'll send them to your Facebook account, maybe...

  6. Ooo...Mel...that was veeeery superior. Very good. You've proved that despite the twinkle, you've got what it takes to put someone in her place. :-P

    Joey...Sure, you can do whatever you want with it. I can't wait to see what you do! :-)