13 March 2009



...I know you're out there...Mom and Kim (and Kimberly!), Cindy and Ashley, Julie, Danielle and Dwayne, Dee...

I just want to make you all aware that I know of your lurker status.

It'd be kind of nice to know what you're thinking when you read, even if you hate my posts!

It doen't take long to comment, and I really like hearing what people say! Comments are fun! And constructive cricism is something I really like too. It makes my writing a lot better...and that is important to me now more than ever because I'm actually choosing what to write about (as 0pposed to college, where I wrote what was required and only had bursts of love for random assignments - though in retrospect, if I had ever started writing anything before two in the morning the night before, I might have felt a bit more love...)

You can all even make fun of all my punctuation mistakes or berate me for going off on rabbit trails in the middle of sentences.

Plus, if you're a lurker I haven't named or that I haven't actually talked to in awhile, we could catch up! And I know Mom has told loads of people about my blog, and they read it too, but never comment. Come on, people...Pleeeeeeease......

I'd just really like to know who all reads my blog. Is that alright? It only takes a second or two to comment. :-)

Also - a heartfelt thanks to those of you who do comment - and that would be Melissa, Tiffany, Nichole, Leanna, Alanna, Varina, and sometimes Jess, Jaleesa, Beth, Shane, Emily, and Isaac...Here's some credit where credit is due...I appeciate you ALL and think your comments are beautiful things. And for those of you who actually added me to your follow list, that's awesome! So thank you.

Just sharing my heart,
That girl in Switzerland

P.S. And I promise to post more comments on all of your blogs too!


  1. Well done, babe...I see you've really taken my pleading to heart...it really pleases my soul to have you make such a beautiful comment. Thank you. :-P xoxo

  2. LOL I couldn't resist.

    I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like you aren't so far away!

    And you aren't fooling me by saying we should comment about all your mistakes because I happen to know that you would pee your pants before you left an erroneous mark in your blog! (Yes, folks there is a story here.)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....OK, LOL! YOU GOT ME ON THAT ONE! (and no, folks, I'm NOT telling the story...)

    I miss you, Kimberly Brown! :-(

  4. Aw, come on... We love a good story. :)

  5. sigh...ok, ok, fine...

    The other night Kimberly and I were talking on Facebook chat, and I really had to use the restroom...so I said to her, "brb...potty break...and it's urget!"

    And it really was urgent. I had just had over a liter of water.

    So I got to the bathroom and realized that I had spelled "urgent" wrong (as above, with no n)...so I ran back to the computer and spelled quickly, "Urgent*" and then ran back to the restroom.

    Upon my return to the computer, Kim was nice enough to mock me for a bit...

    And there you have it...more evidence of my Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. And you can Wiki that.

    Why do people have to bring these things up??

  6. Were you pointing your finger at me?

  7. It's quite possible, Sam. My finger-pointing encompasses all lurkers. Are you a lurker? :-P

  8. I was not lurking. I just didn't read til now. I miss you Heather. I couldn't not leave feedback if i wanted to... and yes I'm aware that I used a double negative which is not something I should make use of. And yes I know I ended a sentence with a preposition. And, yes, I'm aware that I did not punctuate that sentence correctly. And, finally, I'm aware I've wandered far off the original topic -- which is I love commenting on your blog. It's like a sickly substitute for actually hanging out.

  9. I've been meaning to add you to my blog list, and just haven't gotten around to doing - so I've gone and done it now. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog too. I always love reading your blog - you have a very engaging and fun writing style. I saw your sis over choir tour. She's so sweet. :)

  10. Dearest Heather,
    I feel left out! I have left numerous (okay, okay, two or three) comments on your blog and was totally left off of your "nice list" (like Santa's). Oh well, since I am just now telling you "Happy Birthday*," I guess I will forgive your oversight. Happy Birthday!
    Much love,

    *Note: I told Arthur to wish you a happy birthday when he was on facebook, actually ON your birthday, but he failed to do so, so I will not take full responsibility for the tardiness of this message. No I won't!!!

  11. Daahling Jessica,
    I'm dreadfully sorry! How horrible of me to forget! I, of course, immediately rectified the situation and added your name to the list of people who've left beautiful comments on my blog. Thank you so much for forgiving that oversight. You are truly gracious.

    Thank you so much for the late birthday greeting. I do so adore extending a good occassion. Please tell Arthur that though he failed to wish me a happy birthday, I hope that when his rolls around, it is quite as wonderful as mine turned out to be. *You can see that I don't hold grudges.*

    With love and general regard,