15 March 2009

Julius Caesar, Orion, 25, and Concerts (Plus a Bit More)

This is my Birthday Post.

Today is My Birthday (I thought maybe it deserved some capital letters). March 15. The Ides of March. The most prestigious day to have been born. Do you know why? (If you do, this is the part where you take a bathroom break or get a snack while I tell everyone who doesn't know.) It's all in the Ides of March hint...Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15. It's important stuff. I was born the day Julius Caesar died. Give or take 2,053ish years...

Anyway, enough of that...

Orion is moving lower in the sky...that must mean that winter is running out. Sad, really. Now everyone will be showing too much skin again.

So I had this thought about birthdays...

Why is it that we name our current year after all the ones we've already lived?

Someone says, "Happy Birthday!! How old are you?"
And I reply "Twenty-four. And thank you so much for the birthday wishes."
Short and sweet, eh?

But the reality is that I'm already living in my twenty-fifth year.

So although I'm not all about growing old before my time, I hereby nominate that we all start calling our years by the ones we're living. The new conversation might go something like this:

"Happy Birthday! How old are you??"
"Well, I've celebrated the anniversary of my birth twenty-four times, but I'm currently in my twenty-fifth year, actually. And thank you so much for the birthday wishes."

I might start saying this, just to confuse people. It makes sense, but I'll bet people wouldn't get it.

Also, since the next obvious question you'll all be asking is "What did she look like on her birthday?" allow me to answer that in advance:

Charlotte is getting me a ticket to the concert Tuesday night at Victoria Hall. I'm excited. An evening of piano music with the Orchestra National Bordeaux Aquitaine - Ravel, Gershwin, and Berstein...I'm so excited. This is my VERY FAVORITE kind of thing to do. And trust me...I'm gonna look gooooood.

Anyway, signing off...Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeee!!

Singing off key,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. What a lovely post. It made me smile. It was so...you. =) Happy day!

  2. May the days in your 25th year be merry and bright. Hey - it makes perfect sense to me too. Have fun at the concert - that's my kind of stuff too. :) Can't get enough classical.

  3. Happy birthday a little late. We had the privilege of hosting your mom this weekend, so I knew it was coming up, but forgot to get on and comment. Your looking pretty good kid, loosing weight I see. Is that from running around after kids or running around see the sights? Either way I might need to try that. Missed you this past week, know you wish you were there. appreciated your post on Albert. Well now that I'm down to fragment sentences will leave off. Will comment back later, have a few ideas I would like to talk to you about.

  4. Thanks, y'all!

    It's from both, N. :-D Makes me super happy!

    Btw, are you gonna post the tribute you wrote? I'd really like to read it.


  5. awww Heather you look so pretty and all grown up where has the time gone?....