22 March 2009

Happy Sunday!

Today is Sunday. It's eleven in the morning, and I'm sitting here with wet hair getting ready to head toward Nyon for church, as is weekly tradition.

Mum sent me an email yesterday that contained the lyrics of a song I wrote earlyish in 2008. I had forgotten all about it, probably because I write stuff like this basically non-stop, but she found it in a little writing book that I accidently left behind me when I came to Europe.

It might not make so much sense to just read it, but don't worry - it fits the melody in my head. And it's not really tweaked - just a thought I jotted down before moving on to the next poem in my brain.

Anyway, minus the first verse, it exactly says what I feel today. Couldn't be bothered sticking the chorus in more than once, so if you feel like you must, just read it a few extra times until it feels like a song to you. :-)

When my heart is breaking

When I cannot fight alone

When all my dreams are shattered

And I’m far away from home

When my life is black and empty

When I cannot carry on

When I’ve fallen down and cannot stand

I know you’ll pick me up.


You’re my God, you’re my Father

You’re the One I lean upon

Who hears me when I call

You’re my God, you’re my Savior

I can kneel at your feet

And my life’s complete

Because you are my God.

You are my Provider

My Redeemer and my friend

You’re my anchor and my power

My beginning and my end.

I will never lack for mercy

There’s no ending to your love

You’re the only one who understands

You’re forever God above.


I won’t focus on my problems

They’re very, very small

I will let your face absorb me

And you will be my all.

(and again the chorus)

Anyway, so that's my song. I thought it might be worth saving, which is the main reason I put it here. lol...songwriting is quite obviously NOT my forté.

But today is Sunday, and today, as on all other days, I'm thankful to have a Father who is also my good friend. It's nice to know that my problems are so small in the face of eternity, and that I can keep focused on God no matter what tries to push Him out of the picture.

Blessings, Readers,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. Hey heather! This is just what I needed today! I am stuck in bed, sick, while my family is in church! thanks soo much for posting it on here! :)

  2. Hey, thank you, Ash! I'm sorry to hear you're sick, but I'm glad you were reading my blog! (lol...half of that comment was at least halfway a joke...so I guess that makes it 1/4 a joke...but just to clarify, the part that wasn't a joke was the part where I said I was sorry you're sick.) xoxo

  3. I really like the song. Maybe I'll swipe it, put music to it, sing it, sell it, and become rich and famous....

    Ok, maybe not.

    But I do like it. Good lyrics.

  4. didnt know you had a blog! so do i:)johannalinnard.devote.se
    thanks for the lunch playdate today, it was nice! see you! :)

  5. Yeah, Johanna, it was super fun! We have to do it again soon!

  6. Johanna...I've read your blog...Love the pictures!!! But...I DON'T READ SWEDISH, DAAHLING! xoxo