22 December 2008

So the boys have this trick they like to play where they say someone's name, and then after that person responds they triumphantly announce, "Nothing!" Today I had this conversation with Jules:

"Yes, Jules?"
"Nuffing!!" (Jules looks very pleased with himself.)

(short pause)

"What, Heather?"

(a slightly longer, slightly confused pause. Jules didn't realize that Heather knew this joke.)


(Jules is seriously confused. How did this joke get so turned around??)

"HEATHER?! You are NOT GOOD, Heather!"

(much laughter from Heather)

"Heather, why you laughing?"
"Because you're so funny, Jules! You make me laugh my head off!"
(Jules looks around frantically.)
"WHERE IS your head??"

Hahahahahahah...we au pairs take our small pleasures where we find them. Kids are awesome!

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