26 December 2008

A Few Christmas Thoughts (this is a good one...)

First of all, a shout out to my first follower, practically published! I now feel as though I might be of some importance to someone...*Heather stops just short of begging people to read her blog.*

I also feel it important enough to mention that I'm headed to Paris in the morning. Anyone who cares to do so is welcome to pray for me this weekend while I navigate a huge city all on my own...to all those asking, yes, I'm going by myself, and yes, it will be serious amounts of fun. Will write a lengthy update upon my return to Geneva.

Next noteworthy thing...on the subject of Christmas music...I need to say a few things (because this is what blogging is all about). Who originally decided that Christmas needed dreary music to go along with the festive stuff?? I can imagine some guy in a bar one night, just dumped by his favorite girl, writing a sad song about being all alone on Christmas. He was probably drunk along with being sad. And he probably got over her and moved on, and his next Christmas was perfectly jolly. Also, he was probably very happy with the money he made by dumping his depressing lyrics onto the music-crazed masses. But why CD producers decided they needed to surprise their consumers by randomly inserting these melancholy songs into their otherwise perfectly festive lineup is completely beyond me. Those sad people who actually want to listen to these songs probably don't want to hear the joyful ones, and those of us that only wish to hear the joyful ones are stuck jumping out of our skin every time a bad (yes, bad) song starts playing. Today I managed to bruise my knee quite badly with the underside of a table as I jumped up to skip "2000 Miles" (by KT Tunstall), which was hidden between "Mistletoe and Holly" and "Winter Wonderland" on the latest Starbucks Christmas album. What's next? A broken toe? Bruised shins? All of these stupid, sad Christmas songs should be placed in one compilation for all the stupid, sad people to buy at Christmastime so they can have a good soundtrack to accompany the tears they no doubt shed into their whiskey. All of the fun, jingly Christmas songs should be sold as just what they are - fun, jingly Christmas songs - and not as mere sandwiches for songs written by people who should consider intensive therapy. These thoughts have led me to produce the following carefully-pondered list:

1. Most Lovely Christmas Hymn of All Time: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
2. Most Fun Christmas Song: Ding Dong Merrily On High
3. Worst Christmas Song Ever Written in the History of Mankind: 2000 Miles (KT Tunstall)
4. Most Loved Christmas Song for Children: toss-up between Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman
5. Best Version of "Do You Hear What I Hear?": Pink Martini
6. Song that Makes Me the Most Wistful This Year: I'll Be Home for Christmas
7. Christmas Song with the Most Attitude: Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)
8. Easiest Christmas Song to Play on the Piano: Joy to the World
9. My Sister's Most Hated Christmas Song: Little Drummer Boy
10 Song I Most Like to Play When My Sister is Around: Little Drummer Boy
11. Freakiest Christmas Song: The Man with All the Toys (The Beach Boys)
12. Longest, Most Annoying Christmas Song: 12 Days of Christmas
13. Christmas Song I Liked Best as a Child: Snoopy Christmas (Snoopy vs. the Red Baron)
14. Artist that Plays the Most on My Ipod at Christmastime: toss-up between the Carpenters and Robert Shaw (Handel's Messiah)
15. Artist Most Appropriate for Any Mood At Christmastime: Ella Fitzgerald
16. Song that Most Fits My Mood this Christmas: River, by Joni Mitchell (because the truth of the matter is that I understand, from a thoroughly painful point of view, the people who wrote those sad songs and every emotion they were trying to express...I just hate being reminded of it.)

Dad and I played games online for two hours tonight. We have a Christmas tradition of playing Scrabble and drinking eggnog. (Following up my previous post - no, I did not drink eggnog this Christmas; yes, I survived that tragedy.) But we two un-geeky folk couldn't figure out how to play Scrabble online, so we contented ourselves with Checkers, Battleship, and Dominoes. It was the highlight of my Christmas Day! I also got to talk extensively to everyone else in my family, as well as my best friend, Dee, so not being at home for Christmas wasn't a complete loss. And I really did have a fabulous time with my host family today (we had a good laugh at Jules, who had a good cry at us laughing at him...confusing, but that's how it happened). I am so blessed this Christmas to have so many people who genuinely care about me.

Lastly...this morning when I woke up, I read the second chapter of Luke aloud, as is my family's pre-gift Christmas tradition. I never fail to be utterly amazed at what God did for us when He gave us Jesus. "For unto you is born this day...a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord...Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!" Merry Christmas, dear readers, and may the peace of God reside in all of your hearts this Christmastime!

With Love,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. hey Heather. I enjoy reading your blog! Just thought I would let you know. (i know how annoying lurkers can be lol) Glad you are enjoying life. Keep writing! ttyl

  2. I have to say I like the variety of the Christmas songs, But I see your point. BTW Snoopy's Christmas is still my favorite Christmas song!

  3. I'm glad you've joined the World of Blog...I'm looking forward to your updates!

    Oh and now I have this overwhelming urge to call Kim up and play the Little Drummer Boy over the phone to her. :D

    Miss you cuz! Hope all in good in your world...take care!

  4. coffeechica - thanks! lurkers are annoying, it's true...so you should totally follow my blog, that way you always have the scoop! lol

    Issa - In past years, I too enjoyed the variety of Christmas songs. This year, however, I spent the weeks preceeding both Thanksgiving and Christmas in such a bad emotional place that I just couldn't handle the sad stuff...Jules actually asked me how I got so many bruises on my legs, and I had to say it was from hitting them on my computer table every time I jumped up to skip songs. Also, I knew we were cousins for a reason...lol...must have been our common love of the little peace-lovin' dog. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MY FRIEND (please roll your r's when you read that line)!

    Wayfaring Gypsy - THanks! I miss you too, cuz! And you definitely should call Kim and play her that song. She really is quite disgusted by the whole thing. It's my favorite bad thing to do at Christmas!

    Ta, all!