25 December 2008

Fabulous Christmas Eve

:-) Had a fab Christmas Eve, except for the fact that I'm not home. Talked to all the family except Kim. That was the tragic part of the day. :-( The fab part of the day was the time I spent with the boys this morning and with my whole host family this evening. The dinner was fabulous, the dessert was fabulous (yeah, I ate two pieces of chocolate cake), the gifts were fabulous, the boys waiting to open the gifts were fabulous (and also hilarious in their attention to the time ticking away)...the whole evening was great! It really felt like I was right at home the whole evening.

Daddy and I are going to play our Scrabble game online tomorrow. I hope it isn't confusing. We have a tendency to get competitive sometimes, and that's difficult enough in person...but of course I'll win...I always win...hahah...(except, to be fair, that losing streak of two games back in '06).

Felix, Jules and I made up a rhyme today while we were eating yogurt. It goes like this:

I like yogurt
Yogurt is yummy
When I eat yogurt
It goes in my tummy.

I like yogurt
Yogurt is runny
And I like rhyming
'Cause it's really funny.

LOL...not so bad for a four year old and a six year old, eh? They giggled the entire time we were making it up. (yeah, the rhyming is pretty obvious, but hey, everyone has to learn sometime, right?)

Also went to the midnight service at St. Peter's Cathedral. That was pretty cool. The choir sang beautifully. I saw someone there that I absolutely never expected to see - my friend, Leanne, from Israel. I asked her, "What on earth is a Jewish girl doing at St. Peter's Cathedral on Christmas Eve???" She laughed at me and said that her rabbi told her she wasn't allowed to come, but she did anyway just because she was curious. She also said she felt a little guilty for not obeying her rabbi. I told her, "Don't worry. It's totally ok that you came." :-P I did tell her Happy Hannakuh, though, and she was quite impressed that I knew that today was the fourth day of that particular holiday. But what can I say?? I know my stuff.

Merry Christmas to my many readers (ha),
That girl in Switzerland

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