17 May 2010

Stuck in Amsterdam!

So here's a fun little thing: I'm stuck in Amsterdam! Thanks to the nice little ash cloud in the sky, all flights out of Amsterdam today were CANCELED! So here I sit, in my little temporary home, the Shelter City Christian Hostel...Jande's foot is hurting, and she can't walk...so I'm checking my email and writing a blog. What are you doing?

My official Amsterdam verdict is: BEST TRIP EVER!! It's just a beautiful city!

Ok, I'm not going to gush...just wanted to blog about being stuck. It seemed like the thing to do.

That girl in Switzerland


  1. I was blog hopping and came across yours. I read a few pages, and I love that you are a follower of Christ :) It's great to see a fellow Christian with a passion to serve/love the Lord!

  2. Hi Krystal! Thank you for taking time to read my blog! Being a Christian is what is most important to me...I like to write about my life, and being a Christian affects every part of that, so the topic comes up a lot. :-D

  3. Oh deah, now that you're not in Switzerland, where do you blog?

  4. :-D I keep telling myself that I need to start blogging again. Sad, isn't it?? I haven't written one thing since I've been back to the US. Not one note, not one post, not even one sad little poem...