08 December 2009

Happy Birthday, Jules!

Firstly, a random mood update!! Today I am feeling sardonic. *Heather sneers at the computer screen.*

And now for the next several completely unrelated things...

Today was Jules' birthday. He turned five. He is very proud of himself, what with having reached an important age and all. Charlotte and I made cupcakes, completely from scratch. They were very fluffy. And Yummy! Here are pictures.

Tonight for Jules birthday, they had a Chinese fondue, which I love. They followed it up with chocolate cake and Armagnac (adults only...haha...can you imagine..."Mom, now that I'm five, I think I'm ready to drink hard liqueur"). Me? I was at French class while all this partying was taking place.

Also, Geneva has up CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! *Heather sings at the top of her lungs, "It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!"* Here are two pictures I took tonight in the Jardin Anglais by the lake:

Cheerfully sardonic, and also paradoxically,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. Are there any anglais in the jardin anglais?

  2. If, by anglaise, you are referring to the Old English country dance form in quick duple time, occasionally consituting part of an 18th century instrumental suite, then no, I haven't seen any of those in the English Garden. :-P xoxo