16 July 2009


Where are your fears, my dear?
Where the shaky hand, the sweaty brow?
Where the idea that maybe - just maybe, perhaps -
All will not go smoothly?
Can you not look forward to view
The rapidly fading heartbeat and
The life snuffed out?

Were I you, dainty miss,
I would read the signs -
The foreshadowing, the hints -
I would know this plan could never work,
And (following my head, not my heart)
I would uncross the stars that
Entangle you and me
And chase the creamy darkness back
To my own side of the sky.

But then (were I you
And you simply me, an onlooker)
There could be no tragedy, no saga,
No epic tears and untimely deaths.
Were I you, my friend,
The poison would remain in the phial
And Shakespeare would be out of his job.

Cheers, Readers,
That girl in Switzerland


  1. Hi Heather,
    I just got caught up on your blog. I read all the way back to jan. It was interesting reading. You always amuse me. I love your writing. The pixie poem was the best. :0)Love you.

  2. Hey Heather!
    Ok reading your blog causes me to long for the gift/talent with which you are endowed! If I could write half as lovely as you, I'd write ever day! :) I also envy your job...though not enough to quit everything and move clear around the world. I also miss our hallway chats at very odd hours of the morning! I remember talking about yellow shoes and you were trying your best to convince me to break out of my old-brown-shoe mold. :) Anyway, thanks for the most entertaining blog! Hope all is well!
    your friend,

  3. Hey! SO I just went to a Shakespeare in the Park production of Romeo and Juliet and got rained out :) It was fun anyway. Love the poem.