30 April 2009

Lego Play

Today Jules and I played with Legos for what seemed like hours. I was commissioned to build two Star Wars spacecrafts. The first picture is the first one I made. It isn't really for Star Wars. It's actually for Indiana Jones and his sidekick, a very happy two-headed skeleton. Indiana is taking his dog and pet spider along for the ride too.

And here is the second one I made...This one looks more space-crafty. It was supposed to be Star Wars, until we put it to better use - carting around Indiana Jones' spare head (which is for holding his spare hat).

Here are the four spaceships that Jules made...

And finally - here is the payment I received for my hard work - you can see I was paid quite handsomely with several colorful gemstones, a pile of money, some priceless gold nuggets, and a fierce crocodile that sadly has no tail.

By tomorrow these will all be taken apart, and we'll be building new ones from the pieces. Thought you might like seeing the pictures!

That girl in Switzerland


  1. Ah, what a nice time.
    Reminds me of many happy memories playing thomas the traing and "castle."
    Almost makes me think about babysitting again...

  2. Wow, I had no idea that leggo builders were making so much these days, I might have to rethink my future.